Gustatory manifesto


I was re-reading Sean Brock's book Heritage the other day and took a good look at the manifesto. It sends a clear message to the reader exactly what he is about as a person and a belief system for his restaurants. It got me thinking that I need to do this for Gustatory. Not only for Gustatory as a business but also for the crew, our customers and for myself. I am going to publish this as my rough draft. I want me crew and customers alike to weigh in.

1. First and foremost we strive to epitomize hospitality. This is more important than the food we cook, where we buy our ingredients, how pretty we make the dishes or how the restaurant looks. It is our job as your host for this meal to make you feel comfortable, cared for and taken care of in a way that is specific to your needs. I tell all my staff, Gustatory is your home and everyone that walks through that door is a guest in your home; and not just any guest... they are your new girlfriend's/boyfriend's family. Make a good impression! (This is only partially a joke, I've actually said that.) Act this way both at work and away. It will make you a good employee, a good person and a good neighbor.

2. This is a neighborhood restaurant. Do everything in our power to keep the prices down without sacrificing quality.

3. Be responsible in our purchasing practices. Buy from the local farms when possible, use locally owned companies and try to keep the money as close to our community as possible.

4. Be good cooks. Take pride in the craft. Don't take short cuts. Even if it takes longer, the outcome will be better.

5. Put Hollandaise Sauce and poached eggs on as much food as possible. Everything can and should be a version of Eggs Benedict.

6. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have bacon as part of your meal!

7. Mimosas are always an appropriate choice.

8. Have dessert at every meal of the day.

9. Drink good coffee.

10. Have a sense of humor. Working in restaurants is fun. Eating at restaurants is fun. Remember to have fun.

I feel if we live by these rules and work by these rules we should be doing our part to live with a purpose and bring a little extra happiness into each other's day.

Please tell me what you think.